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Great reasons to go whale watching in Sydney

Arriving back in the UK you are still buzzing from your magnificent holiday down undertaking in the delights of Sydney and surrounding NSW. It might have been more enjoyable if England had put up more of a fight in the cricket, but you can’t have everything.

There were so many other attractions that made the holiday one that will live in the memory for many years to come, not least your day spent Sydney whale watching after letting your partner relax on the beach for the day.

Your highlights included

  • Going out on a boat from a harbour in the city with a team of experts who were a mine of information which made the trip even more enjoyable as you saw Humpback Whales travelling south, passing on their way back to Antarctica after migration.
  • You saw whales swim in clusters, as well as other behaviours with other species such as Southern Right, Brydes, Sei, Minke, and Blue Whales also making a welcome appearance.
  • Heading out you understood that your boat would have to remain 100 meters from the whales, but it was your lucky day, even if being involved in what is termed a mugging doesn’t sound like it. It meant that the whale didn’t read the rules and got so close to your boat that it was forced to halt giving a great close up look at the mammal and an incredible experience which you managed to film.
  • You headed out safe in the knowledge of the very fair conditions of the trip. You were told that if you did have a sighting, you would be offered a free second trip, which would also apply if adverse weather postponed the trip. You could not say fairer than that.
  • To have a sighting meant that you were to approach a whale and see it three times as it heads to the surface every 5-20 minutes when they come up for breath. Again, fantastic value rather than just getting a glimpse and heading back to shore.
  • You really enjoyed getting into the appropriate clothing such as a rainproof jacket along with a sun hat and glasses as you really got into the mood among other fellow crew members.

Your whale watching adventure was an amazing, exhilarating experience and one that you will never forget as your friends will testify from the regularity in which you recount your day. It is a must for anyone visiting Sydney.

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